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Grown with care

Micro-producer of organic cannabis, grown in living soil and trimmed by hand

Medical and recreational mariajuana grower

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Mandarin Cookies


Despite its high THC content, our Mandarin Cookies is superbly nuanced so youwon’t find yourself riveted to your seat. The result of an ingenious blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Mandarin Sunset (by Ethos Genetics), this hybrid provides a calming effect which is more appropriate for evening consumption.

Connoisseurs will be pleased to reconnect with the lemon and diesel aromas that this strain is known for, which is further enhanced by a terpene profile enriched by living soil cultivation.

THC 25-30%
CBD 0-1%


Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcène, Euchalyptol


Lemon, diesel

Certificat d'analyse


Sativa-dominant hybrid

This indica-dominant hybrid is designed to provide a soothing effect that is conducive to relaxation. The result of a cross between the three strains Chemdawg, I-95 and Manda-
rin Cookies created by the breeders at Ethos Genetics, its dense, frost-covered flowers release a powerful aroma with hints of hops, peppermint, wood and earth.

Generally promotes relaxation of the body and mind − although this may vary from one user to another − without causing impassivity or immobility.

THC 21-26%
CBD 0-1%


Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool


Hops, peppermint, wood, earth

Certificat d'analyse

Tropicanna Cookies

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Our Tropicanna Cookies exudes intense aromas, with pronounced terpenes. It’s a product with outstanding qualities, designed for customers seeking energizing effects. Developed by the legendary breeders at Oni Seeds through a cross between two renowned strains (Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies), this variety won 1st prize at the IC 420 Growers Cup in 2019.

Our Tropicanna Cookies has an invigorating effect that relieves anxiety. Its taste, aromas and terpenes - developed through aging - combine to provide an entourage effect which is central to our approach.

THC 15-20%
CBD 0-0.25%
Total Terpenes: 2.4-3%


Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene


Lemon, pine, tropical fruit, burnt orange

Certificat d'analyse

Our team

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Head of production
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The entourage effect: our top priority

We grow our cannabis in small batches, in living soil that is enriched with organic matter, in order to enhance its properties while favouring the health of both users and our staff. Our cannabis is then trimmed by hand and allowed to age for several weeks to create a product that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Our approach is clear and resolutely turned towards the future of this field: we are much more interested in the entourage effect derived from the interactions with terpenes than in the race to produce cannabis with the highest THC level. The more research progresses, the more it suggests that it is thanks to this approach that consumers will be able to obtain cannabis with more predictable effects and better suited to their profile.

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Herbal Dispatch
Mendo Cannabis
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Solution Cannabis Médical
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Nurturing a sense of pride together

Harmonious coexistence with our neighbours is something we take very seriously. There’s no prevarication, no secrecy. When it comes to both ecology and social engagement, we are as transparent as the waters of the Hurons River that flows behind our facilities in Stoneham.

Our impact? We want it to be entirely positive. That’s why we give 1% of our revenues to the community so that it can invest in the projects that matter the most.



2753, boulevard Talbot
(Québec)  G3C 1K2

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