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Grown with care

Medical Marijuana grower

Where things are done differently. Meticulously.

This is the human approach, at one with nature, that allows us to offer exceptionally high quality medical cannabis* grown in small batches at our facilities in Stoneham.

Prior to our first harvest, which is planned for early 2021, we will continue to work closely with local citizens, our craftsmen and all the stakeholders in our sector to ensure we have an unanimously positive impact on the community.

Our team

Head of production
Head of production
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The creation of an ecosystem is underway

FUGA was designed based on an innovative model that will leverage the best of what both nature and human beings have to offer.

The starting point is the soil, living, enriched with organic matter, which our craftsmen will cultivate by hand. The technique used will contribute to the development of an innovative and sustainable agricultural science, in partnership with other forerunners in the industry.

We firmly believe in a business model in which each link will benefit the next by instilling a shared passion and desire to secure a position in the cannabis market with first-rate products with predictable effects, and whose production will have no negative impact on the surrounding natural environment.

Here’s what makes us tick: working together to strive even harder for excellence.

Our partners

A growing source of pride

Integrity, consistency, transparency

Our core values are simple. Human. We have nothing to hide and everything to gain from the support of local citizens. Both socially and environmentally, we are committed to ensuring a harmonious coexistence.

Moreover, we have already made the promise to give 1% of our revenues back to our adoptive community through projects which will foster a strong mutual sense of belonging between FUGA and its immediate surroundings.



2753, boulevard Talbot
(Québec)  G3C 1K2

First crop :
Early 2021

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