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Our story, our commitment

In 2018, Philippe Laperrière had a mountain biking accident.

The victim of a brain injury, he suffered serious aftereffects that prevented him from recovering his ability to concentrate. He was besieged by bouts of dizziness and headaches. Despite strictly adhering to instructions from doctors to get lots of rest – because analgesics such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen are proscribed in cases such as his – he could find no relief.

It would be a difficult and distressing situation for anyone. But all the more so for someone with a long history of hyperactivity who thrives on challenges, multiple projects and serial learning.

All this took place merely hours before the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

While searching for a cure for his suffering, Philippe learnt about the supposed benefits of CBD, a non-psychoactive chemical derived from cannabis. Intrigued, he decided to try it and bought one of the products that was available at his local SQDC store just a few days after it opened. The successful results were as swift as they were unexpected.

The symptoms that had assailed him and prevented him from returning to his former lifestyle gradually diminished before disappearing completely. He regained his well-being, and with it came an unprecedented level of energy for developing fresh projects.

The science of cannabis

The decision to broaden his knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis therefore came quite naturally to him. He discovered a dynamic production sector, registered for the huge convention devoted to cannabis held in Las Vegas and began exploring this world he found so fascinating.

What he learned about the advances in scientific research in the field finally convinced him. Almost immediately he founded the Fuga group and brought together business partners and, with their support and the support of a team of carefully selected experts, he began producing medical cannabis.

But he wanted to do things differently. In his own way, a way that is also in line with the times and fosters a respect for individuals, the environment and the law.

Through Fuga, Philippe and his team want to have a positive impact on society. First, in the communities where the facilities are located (the company spends 1% of its revenues on local development projects). And second, more broadly, by curbing its carbon footprint.

Small batches, exceptional quality

Replicating the industrial practices used by large-scale producers to cultivate cannabis was therefore out of the question.

From the outset, Fuga has stood apart for the great care it takes in everything it does. Because, ultimately, we’re talking about growing a plant that is used to help treat people, so it is important to ensure it meets the expectations of true connoisseurs and the demands of scientists in charge of processing it.

Grown using organic farming methods based on the use of living soil, Fuga cannabis has to be impeccable in every respect. This is also the reasoning behind cultivating it in small batches, which are carefully monitored by agronomists and horticulturists who keep a close watch on the growth and then the flowering of the plants. They all receive the best care and because they are so few in number it is easy to detect even the slightest problem and continually ensure the quality of the nutrients they receive.

The objective is ambitious yet clear: to produce premium quality cannabis that could become a benchmark in the field, among both buyers of medical cannabis and researchers and processors.


* Fuga is currently in the process of obtaining its licence, and hopes to have it by fall 2020 so it can finally start producing and marketing this beneficial plant, which deserves more widespread recognition.




2753, boulevard Talbot
(Québec)  G3C 1K2

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